Thursday, October 12, 2017

My life as a father of three

Well no one trains you and explains to you when your growing up how hard a fathers life is. Where to start, well my name is tony i have three kids 2 boys one is 9yrs old the other one is about to be 4 months old. The girl is 8 years old. The two oldest or not my blood but they are my kids. Im in a relationship with an amazing women she is perfect but a bit crazy. But i love her just as is. She has two kids from her past marrige. I took on the roll as a father to them. I have ro say it wasnt easy and till today its still not easy. Its hard to get to them just cause im the step dad, but i dont give up. They are great kids smart and a bit crazy too. But they are who they are. I will continue my story more another day. But for now i would like to see who else shares my kind of life?